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I would like to create a background for my window which is an image that i want repeated horizontally. So far I've tried with the ImageBrush, but this option repeats the image horizonally and vertically. Also, i don't want it to scale when user resize the window, as it makes the image look funny.

any ideas?

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If what you want to do is tile an image horizontally as you would in CSS with the simple one liner "background-repeat: repeat-x" then after some (!) trial and error what you need in XAML is this:

<ImageBrush ImageSource="Images/my-background-image.png" 
            ViewportUnits="Absolute" />

Where the last 2 values on the Viewport attribute are the width of your image in pixels and then a very large number that is higher than your viewport height so that the image is not repeated in the Y direction within that height.

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