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I have this code that is to implemented following idea:

When getting request for missing CouchDB document, create replication request, wait until it is finishes, and then reply with new response from CouchDB to the client.

The code snippet is below:

// replication request
// client will receive response from CouchDB, but after replication request is succeeded and replication is finished
var repreq = http.request(options, function(res) {
    console.log('REP STATUS: ' + res.statusCode +' REP HEADERS: ' + JSON.stringify(res.headers) );
    res.on('data', function (chunk) {
        console.log('REP BODY: ' + chunk);
    res.on('end', function (anything) {
        console.log('res end of replication '+resource_path);
        //create new request to couchDB and return its result to npm client
        var couchdbRequest2 = protocol.request(options, function(couchdbResponse2) {
            console.log('2 STATUS: ' + couchdbResponse2.statusCode+' HEADERS: ' + JSON.stringify(couchdbResponse2.headers));
            //case 3 - answering with newly replicated data
            response.writeHead(couchdbResponse2.statusCode, couchdbResponse2.headers);
            couchdbResponse2.on("data", response.write.bind(response)); 
            couchdbResponse2.on("end", function() {
                console.log('couchdbResponse2 end');

    });//replication  responseListener
}); //http.request
//repreq.write('{"source":"http://registry.npmjs.org/", "target":"npm-mirror", "doc_ids":["10ctl"], "connection_timeout": 60000, "retries_per_request": 20, "http_connections": 30}');
var json_replication_string = '{"source":"'+registry_URL+'", "target":"'+db_cached+'", "doc_ids":["'+resource_path+'"]}';

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The problem is that
1) waiting for replication to end takes too much time, even after 'res end of replication ' message. (I.e. when replication is finished in CouchDB)
2) sometime it is crashes with exception, that I cannot catch.

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