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i m building a website in using c#.. can nyone tell me it possible to either call a pageload function or load a page from javascript

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I think you might want to add more detail to this question. Do you want to call the server side page load method? Or do you want to call a javascript method once the page has loaded in the browser? – Bob Nov 23 '09 at 14:02

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Returns a Location object, which contains information about the URL of the document and provides methods for changing that URL. You can also assign to this property to load another URL.

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actually i want to load the same page from javascript,,it means i have to give the url of that page only – Mishigen Nov 23 '09 at 13:45

Do you want to go to another page like from to

If yes, you can use location.href="" in javascript.

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you can call __dopostback javascript method:


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And just for future reference, you could have found that in 10 seconds by Googling "javascript reload".

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