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The following function gets json data from URL and populates a select element with jQuery. I am than using Select2 to transform that drop down in a field with autocomplete function.

Everything works fine apart from the writing 'undefined' that I get as soon as the select elements get displayed. The autocomplete and drop down work perfectly. I have tried to use the data placeholder even by adding an empty 'option' element but no success.

function CitiesList(callback){
 $.getJSON(document.URL+'getCities/sdfsfs', function(data){
    var html = '';
    var len = data.length;
    var option = '<option></option>';
    for (var i = 0; i< len; i++) {
        html += '<option value="' + data[i] + '">' + data[i] + '</option>';
    $('.select_cities select').append(option);
    $('.select_cities select').append(html);
    if(callback && typeof callback == 'function'){;


            <select data-placeholder="Select a city" name="cities" id="cities">

'select_cities' is the div wrapper around the select element.

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I ran into this recently. It looks like newer versions of Select2 have trouble when a default option is set without a corresponding value or when value is an empty string, for example:

<option value="" selected="selected">Select something</option>

Either explicitly define a non empty value such as value="0" or set placeholderOption: 'first' to force Select2 to use the first option as a default:

    placeholderOption: 'first'
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Great answer! Get to it after almost 1hr googling! – Nadeem Yasin Dec 20 '13 at 12:14

This issue has been addressed in the latest (3.4.2) version of select2. Upgrade and you should be good to go!

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I confirm - 3.4.1 has this issue, but in 3.4.2 it is fixed – olimortimer Sep 5 '13 at 14:00
again have this issue in 3.4.5 – Nadeem Yasin Dec 20 '13 at 12:11

This is working now in 4.0. The message sent to the results formatter can be configured either in the object (see their GitHub example repo.text) or hard coded within the function that is called from the templateResult property. e.g.:

templateResult: formatResult,


function formatResult (result) {

if (result.loading) return "Searching...";

Configuration wasn't the easiest thing to find since looking for the string "Searching..." within their their GitHub example had zero hits, but in retrospect is quite intuitive.

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I've investigated this bug and found that the call to formatSelection can have its data parameter be an array or a data object.

To fix this issue edit the formatSelection function in select2.js file as follows:

formatSelection: function (data, container, escapeMarkup) {
        var dataElement = data ? (data[0] || data) : null;
        return dataElement ? escapeMarkup(dataElement.text) : undefined;            

This should fix this nasty bug and get you back on the right track

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Add the following line in your script this should be work.

    $(document).ready(function() { $("select").select2(); });
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CitiesList() gets already called inside $(document).ready(function(){}), I will give it a go.. – Alex Jul 24 '13 at 10:22
so add only $("select").select2(); code inside it. – Dhaval Bharadva Jul 24 '13 at 10:25
it still doesn't work... it returns undefined inside the select element.. – Alex Jul 24 '13 at 10:25
can you tell me what is in data as an example? i think data[i] is not contain the actual value. that is why gives undefined – Dhaval Bharadva Jul 24 '13 at 11:15
Ok I have managed to find a solution by adding a callback function – Alex Jul 24 '13 at 13:27

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