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I have following html

<div id="parent">
    <div id="one">one</div>
    <div id="two">two</idv>

<div id="other">some</div>

And this is the css

#one, #two{
    display: table-cell; 
    vertical-align: middle; 
    height: 47px; 
    background: red;

    border-collapse: separate; 
    border-spacing: 10px 0;
    background: blue;
    height: 200px;

As described in the question the clear both is not working but behaving like before div as if table-cell. The solution for this is to remove display: table;. But I would like to know is there any idea without removing display: table; and display: table-cell; from #one,#two divs.


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It's a typo.. You should've seen the red syntax on the js fiddle

<div id="parent">
    <div id="one">one</div>
    <div id="two">two</div>


This here

<div id="two">two</idv>

Should be

<div id="two">two</div>

Note: You've not used clear: both; in your demo, and you don't even require it, as you are not floating the elements, display: table; just changes the display of the elements rendered, yes it does make them inline because of table-cell doesn't mean they need to be cleared. You need to use clear property only when you've floating elements.

For more info on clear: both;

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