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I am dabbling with Android File I/O currently. I am able to successfully save a file in SD card and I can read/pull this file from DDMS->File explorer successfully but I am not able see the file when viewing from PC

The path of the saved file is /mnt/.... But I don't see this folder/path in SD card when viewing from my PC

Can any one why I am not able to see the file from PC ?

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AFAIK when you connect your Android device to PC only /mnt/sdcard mounted automatically. So you should save your file to /mnt/sdcard/... or somehow mount entire /mnt by yourself or use adb to push/pull files from/to device.

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the file is in /mnt/sdcard/<...custom folder...>/ –  RisingPhoenix Jul 24 '13 at 11:12

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