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In AWS S3 how to generate file download url for a file without expiry.

conn = boto.connect_s3(awsAccessKey, awsSecret)

# Get bucket instance.
bucket = conn.get_bucket(bktName)

fileKey = bucket.get_key(fileKey)
url = fileKey.generate_url(expires_in=None, query_auth=True, force_http=True)
print url

How to generate url for file without expiry ?

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According to the latest docs (

A presigned URL can be valid for a maximum of seven days because the signing key you use in signature calculation is valid for up to seven days.

Since the signature itself can only be valid for seven days, there's no way for a signed URL to be valid for more than seven days. The only way to have a permanently valid URL is to make the file public.

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The link expiration is to allow limited access to private files without exposing the authentication keys.

If you want to make a file always available, either make the file public, or provide permissions to other s3 users.

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