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I need to write a spreadsheet which when you press a button adds a row of data and asks for the parameters needed for the calculations, but I cant seem to get it right, its really frustrating me, any help would be appreciated. I am a complete begginner to macros in excel and have only done very basic programming for matlab on my uni course. My script so far is as follows:

Sub AddPosTol()
' AddPosTol Macro
   Dim rngSeek As Range

   Set rngSeek = Range("A1").End(xlDown).Offset(1, 0)

   With rngSeek.Offset(0, 1)
       With .Font
           .Name = "Solid Edge ANSI1 Symbols"
           .Size = 11
       End With
  End With
  Range(rngSeek).Offset(0, 1) = "l"
  Range(rngSeek).Offset(0, 3) = "=RC[-1]"
  Range(rngSeek).Offset(0, 4) = "0"

  With rngSeek.Offset(1, 1)
      With .Font
        .Bold = True
      End With
  End With

  Range(rngSeek).Offset(1, 1) = "X value"
  Range(rngSeek).Offset(2, 1) = "Y Value"

  Range(rngSeek).Offset(0, 4) = "=2*SQRT((R[1]C[-3]-R[1]C)^2+(R[2]C[-3]-R[2]C)^2)"
  Range(rngSeek).Offset(0, 5) = "=2*SQRT((R4C3-R[1]C)^2+(R5C3-R[2]C)^2)"
  Range(rngSeek).Offset(0, 6) = "=2*SQRT((R[1]C[-3]-R[1]C)^2+(R[2]C[-3]-R[2]C)^2)"
  Range(rngSeek).Offset(0, 7) = "=2*SQRT((R[1]C[-3]-R[1]C)^2+(R[2]C[-3]-R[2]C)^2)"
  Range(rngSee).Offset(0, 8) = "=2*SQRT((R4C3-R[1]C)^2+(R5C3-R[2]C)^2)"

  Range(rngSeek).Offset(0, 2) = (InputBox("Insert Positional Tolerance Diametre"))
  Range(rngSeek).Offset(1, 2) = (InputBox("Insert X value on drawing"))
  Range(rngSeek).Offset(2, 2) = (InputBox("Insert Y value on drawing"))

End Sub
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You've defined rngSeek as a range and then are trying to use that range definition with the Range() method of the worksheet.

All the lines where you have Range(rngSeek).Offset(... you can replace with rngSeek.Offset(...

(One of your formula also references the wrong cells ;-)

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Okay thanks, yeah i suspected some of those formulas might be wrong as i started by recording the macro and then realised that wasn't going to work and have been editing it as i've been learning about vba. I have done as you say with the rngseek, Ford some odd reason my excel seems to crash when i run it now? –  Michael Holder Jul 24 '13 at 11:47
The only other issue I can see is if you don't have a value in column A as this will cause problems with the xlDown and subsequent Offsets. Otherwise, what exactly do you mean by crash since the code worked for me when the rngSeek problem was fixed. –  CuberChase Jul 24 '13 at 11:59
It was a problem as I'd messed about with a loop instead of using the x1Down function, but i've changed that now and it works fine thanks. The only problem is now i have no idea how to write fomulas in the macro referencing the cells relative to themselves if you get me. As i know where the cells i want are going to be relative to the cell with fomula inside it but as that cell isnt neccessarily going to be in the same place i cant reference them like A1 ect. –  Michael Holder Jul 24 '13 at 12:59
You use relative formulas so I'm not quite sure what you mean. You probably should close this question off a start a new one. –  CuberChase Jul 24 '13 at 13:15
I worked it out by looking at the formulas but thanks, you right R[how much you want offset for the row]C[How much you want offset for the column] –  Michael Holder Jul 24 '13 at 13:28
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