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I was wondering how you adjust the size (particularly height) of the window decoration on a QMainWindow. I want behaviour similar to the QtDesigner, Xcode and Skype. I tried adding a QToolBar with the following code:

QMainWindow *mainWindow = new QMainWindow();
QToolBar *bar = new QToolBar();


Compared to what I want it is still a long way off - : On the left you can see what I want and on the right you can see what I currently have On the left you can see what I want and on the right you can see what I currently have.

Is this possible in Qt? If yes, how would this effect be accomplished?

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The solution was simple. All I had to do is call:


Problem solved!

Edit, 2013-08-19:

It appears that as of Qt5, you need to pull this git repository and build the library - then link it to your project. In order to set the unified title and toolbar, see the provided examples in the repository.

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