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I am in desperate need of help.

What im trying to do is the same thing mozolla did to the homepage of firefox for their firefox OS. The flaming fox.

Heres the demo of it:

And here is my animation, notice the wobble. The frames are spaced evenly.

Any ideas?

.bannerimg {
background: url( repeat-x;
width: 432px;
height: 537px;
animation: animate-kids 3s steps(32) infinite;
-webkit-animation: animate-kids 3s steps(32) infinite;
-moz-animation: animate-kids 3s steps(32) infinite;
@keyframes animate-kids {
0% {background-position: 0 0; }
100% {background-position: -13958px 0;}
@-webkit-keyframes animate-kids {
0% {background-position: 0 0; }
100% {background-position: -13958px 0;}
@-moz-keyframes animate-kids {
0% {background-position: 0 0; }
100% {background-position: -13958px 0;}

<div class="bannerimg"></div>
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It wobbles because your total sprite width (13958px) does not evenly divide into the number of frames your animation is stepping through (32): 13958 / 32 = 436.1875. This will cause the stepped value during the animation interpolation to be rounded by the browser, which causes the wobble. This also means the location of your illustration varies between cells.

If you look at David's demo, you'll see his animation is smooth because it divides evenly: 6864 / 44 = 156

You'll need to space your frames out more so your total sprite width divides evenly into 32 frames: 32 * 437 = 13984. Pad your sprite so that its width is 13984px and your frames should be evenly spaced at 437px.

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Lifesaver, thank you so much – Zackskeeter Jul 24 '13 at 13:14
Okay i redid the math to what you said, but i still get a shake. I updated the jsfiddle. – Zackskeeter Jul 24 '13 at 15:15
You didn't change anything... You need edit your sprite image making each of your 32 frames 437px wide so that your total sprite width will be 13984px. Then update your .bannerimg class setting width: 437px; – André Dion Jul 24 '13 at 15:20
Apologies, updates code here: – Zackskeeter Jul 25 '13 at 8:46
Your code is correct, but your sprite still isn't spaced evenly. Here's a screenshot with guides spaced every 437px that shows why your cells are shifting. If you were to cut these all out an lay them on top of one another you'll see not all frames line up. – André Dion Jul 25 '13 at 12:03

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