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I am working with a visual studio 2005 project with several thousand lines of code. When I am looking at an IF statement in the code is there anyway to jump to the corresponding ELSE part without scrolling through hundreds of lines of code? I can't use goto as the line numbers will change all the time. If I can't automatically jump to the else part of an if statement, can I set up something to allow me to tag the else part and then go to that tag in visual studio?

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You can use Ctrl+] to jump to the matching brace or parenthesis. So you can place your cursor on the brace of the if statement and press the shortcut to go to the end of the block and thus directly in front of the else.

Another option would be to set bookmarks with Ctrl+B, T. Those move when the line moves as well and you can jump between them with Ctrl+B, N and Ctrl+B, P.

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hi - i'm using vb.net so there aren't any curly braces. Does it still work. I tried putting the cursor in all sorts of places around the if statement and pressing ctrl-J but to no avail. Thanks for your answer –  user467409 Jul 24 '13 at 16:48
It's Ctrl+], i.e. closing square bracket, not J. It probably doesn't work in VB.NET. That leaves you the bookmarks. –  Joey Jul 24 '13 at 20:41

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