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I'm trying to devellop a facebook app using custom stories and objects using js sdk but i met some problems.

What i try to achive is to create a story like: "John played football on MyApp.- with Mike and Kate at city stadium" under the text to be an image, a title and some description and on click goes to a link.

I have defined my action "Play" and my object "Football".

The action code facebook gives is:

    football: "http://samples.ogp.me/xxxxxxxxxxxx"
  function(response) {}

The object code facebook gives is:

    app_id: myappid,
    type: "myapp:football",
    url: "http://samples.ogp.me/xxxxxxxxxxx",
    title: "Sample Football",
    image: "https://fbstatic-a.akamaihd.net/images/devsite/attachment_blank.png",
    description: ""
  function(response) {}

However I used it as follows: HTML:

<a onclick="playFootball();" href="#">Play Football</a>


function playFootball() {
                tags: "xxxxxx, xxxxxx,",
                place: "https://www.facebook.com/pages/MyPlace/xxxxxx?ref=br_rs",
                football: "http://samples.ogp.me/xxxxxx",
                image: "http://www.peter-ould.net/wp-content/uploads/soccer-ball.jpg",
                privacy: {'value': 'SELF'}
    function(response) {}); 

and the result was this: http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/337/yj9o.jpg

  1. I was unable to change "played a football" into "played football".
  2. The title was unchanged despite use of property title, same applies to url and description, also I tried to use an object but still no results.

If someone could help me solve these 2 problems I wold be really gratefull, or at least point me to some basic tutorials (facebook documentation sometimes is confuzing for me).

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I think you are using football as a wrong way of specifying your story. You are using name of the instance instead of class. Let me explain.

Following are the two scenarios I could come up with:

  1. Your app is about games that users play. So in this case your object becomes game and football will be the name of the game. So now your story reads like:

    "A played football with B and C via your_app" since you will be providing the name property of the game object, facebook will select the right story sentence for you

  2. Your app is about sports products, in which case your object becomes sport_product or product and football will be an instance of sport product. But in this case an action of play does not make any sense. So lets say buy is an action. So now your story reads like:

    "A bought football with B and C via your_app"

Also if you think about it football does not make sense as an object. What would be the value of the name property of football, "Kaka's football" - does not make sense. Think in terms of a generic class of object rather an instance. (Think Movie not Inception).

Sample Story

Hope this makes sense!

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