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I'm new to NSIS and creating one installer for our project.

The requirement is: there are 1 folder and 2 exes needs to be installed as part installation. These exes are created using nsis (Y.exe, Z.exe). These exes should be installed in different destination folder. I've tried this two approches:

  • Approach 1: in script these variables assigned

    RUN_Y C:\Installer\misc_exe\y.exe
    RUN_Z C:\Installer\misc_exe\y.exe
    Y_INSTALL_DIR INSTDIR\Y\ # INSTDIR is specified by user during folder installation
    Z_INSTALL_DIR INSTDIR\Z\ # INSTDIR is specified by user during folder installation
    # calling this at the time exe installation
    setoutpath SetOutpath "${Y_INSTALL_DIR}"
    ExecWait '"${RUN_Y}"'
    setoutpath SetOutpath "${Z_INSTALL_DIR}"
    ExecWait '"${RUN_Z}"'

    Problem is, the destination folder is always coming as C:\Installer\misc_exe\ , whereas it should be C:\Y\. How can I fix it?

  • Approach 2:

    While creating the zipped folder to exe, I gave destination folder as $INSTDIR/Y/ and $INSTDIR/Z/, and I think, this $INSTDIR is taken from the 1st folder installation. But, its not working that way.

can anyone help with me with how can I do specific folder installation?

Thanks in advance.

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I am not sure what are you trying to do but to set target directory use

InstallDir "C:\Y\"


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