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I have a select element on the right side of a web page in chrome the dropdown opens so it doesn't get cropped at the side of the page in FF it does..

I want FF to act like Chrome

any ideas?

check it out here,

10x! Igal

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I don't see the select menu cropped in FF 22 - which version are you using? – Adrift Jul 24 '13 at 12:48
22 as well.. are you sure? did you click on it? – Igal Jul 24 '13 at 13:02

In Firefox (I'm using v20), the dropdown position its top / left at the bottom / left of your <select>, while Chrome set its top / right at the top / right of the select, positioning itself above the <select>.

Plus, Firefox use the inherited width (the one FF calculated, not the one you set) of the <select> to set the dropdown's width: thus, it's overflowing outside of the window.

I'm afraid you can't change the way the browser positions its native dropdown (I personally don't know a way to do that);

So, you might :

  • Create your own select box, using ul and li to get full control of your dropdown,
  • Remove the width property on your select, so FF won't overflow anymore.
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