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I want to make a query using a $resource in AngularJS such that I use a secondary characteristic of the table. I have a $resource which will give me all the Tweets... (all in coffeescript)

angular.module('resources.movies', ['ngResource'])

.factory("Tweet", ["$resource", "API_PREFIX", ($resource, API_PREFIX) ->
    {id: "@id"},
    update: {method: "PUT"}

And in the controller (in coffeescript):

$scope.tweets = Tweets.query(recipientID: user.id)

I want to do something like SELECT * from Tweets where tweet.recipientID = id. It's not using the primary key (so it's not really restful). Can I do this?

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You may be able to do $resource("#{API_PREFIX}/tweets/?recipientID=" + id, ... –  Sharondio Jul 24 '13 at 14:42
you need to specify your query as method of your resource (as done with update) & you need an API endpoint for your query (#{API_PREFIX}/tweets/?recipientID=...) –  alfrescian Jul 24 '13 at 14:45

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