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I am in a spot where I need to poll my server for data every so often. I have looked around at how people are handling this in angularjs and I am pretty confused.

Some examples are of just simple counters that increment up/down. Other are using the $timeout service. I need the ability to turn this on/off with a button click. I.E. click to start poll, poll every 30 seconds, click button to stop polling.

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I am not claiming to be great at javascript nor angular so please go easy. I did write my own service that uses setInterval and clearInterval:

angular.module('myModule', [])
    function () {
      var timers = {};

      var startTimer = function(name, interval, callback) {
        // Stop the timer if its already running, no-op if not running

        timers[name] = setInterval(function() {
        }, interval);

        // Fire right away, interval will fire again in specified interval

      var stopTimer = function(name) {
        var timer = timers[name];
        if (timer) {
          delete timers[name];

      return {
        start: startTimer,
        stop: stopTimer

Then in my controller I do this:

  var timerARunning = false;
  $scope.onClickA = function() {
    var timerName = 'timerA';
    timerARunning = !timerARunning;

    if (timerARunning) {
      TimerService.start(timerName, 5000, function() {
         alert("Timer A just fired");
    } else {
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