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I am trying to test a custom validator wich use the entity manager.

The validator is working fine in the form, but i'm still having problem testing it: it never throw a violation.

My validator is a Class validator but add a violation to the field Lastname $this->context->addViolationAt('lastname',$message,$param);

There is the code in My Test Class:

public function testNoMoreThreeBatman() {

  $validator = Validation::createValidatorBuilder()->getValidator();

  //I have already checked I got my test database ok, full with what I want

  //I create a new one with the name 'wayne' (so it'll be not valid)
  $user = new User();

  $violationList = $validator->validate($user);

  $this->assertEquals(1, $violationList->count());


I have found a lot of topics, but no one is giving me a hint. I have test with another custom validation, a simple one and I have no problem. I'm wandering if the problem could come from the fact it's a class validator or the fact it add the violation to a field

Because my answer is in a comment, I post the response here for more visibility:

Correct is Validation::createValidatorBuilder()->getValidator();

Instead of $validator = Validation::createValidatorBuilder()->getValidator();

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Hmmm. Is your validator even being called? I suspect not. I'm assuming you mapped User to the validator in validation.yml? If so then you need some more stuff to tie the validator to the config files. –  Cerad Jul 24 '13 at 15:18
How can I see if my validator is called? Yes, my validator is mapped in my validation.yml, and works fine when I use it in my form –  goto Jul 25 '13 at 7:11

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So while its really a functional test, I think you best bet would be to just grab the validator service:

class MyTest extends Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Test\WebTestCase
    public function test()
        $client = static::createClient();
        $validator = $client->getContainer()->get('validator');



Can you explain the difference between calling static::get('validator') and Validation::createValidatorBuilder?

In answer to your comment, I don't know where the static:get you are referring to comes from. What base class are you using for your unit test? But it does not really matter because I assume that static::get is accessing the dependency injection container.

So your question is really: What is the difference between using the Symfony 2 container and the actual component itself?

The thing to understand is that when you start up a Symfony 2 app, all kinds of configuration files are read and all kind of things happen behind the scenes. In particular, a service called validator is created and initialized by things such as validation.yml. Likewise, your custom validator is created and is passed your entity manager as a dependency.

None of this happen when you just use Validation::createValidatorBuilder by itself. No configuration, no mapping, no entity managers etc. Take a look at the code to see what actually happens. Take a look at the component documentation to see how to use it directly. It's actually a worth while exercise to go through as it helps to understand just how Symfony wires everything up.

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I can access to static::get('validator') instead of my Validation::createValidatorBuilder()->getValidator(); and it works fine! thanks a lot. Can you explain the difference between calling static::get('validator') instead of $this->get('validator') or Validation::createValidatorBuilder()->getValidator(); –  goto Jul 25 '13 at 7:25

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