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I have a basic jekyll site consisting of pages (not posts) but, because I wanted to sort the pages when I listed them, I had to use the Jekyll-Sort plugin (kinda weird sorting pages is not built in to jekyll).

Because I'm using a plugin, I can't leverage GitHub's auto jekylling. So I'd like to push the source code of the project to the master branch and just the _site directory to the gh-pages branch.

I can't figure out how to do this - I tried adding a git repo inside the _site directory to push that to gh-pages but every time I run jekyll it erases that entire directory and I lose the .git folder.

Any suggestions? Or a way to natively sort?

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I did this for a while myself with a shell script.

Solution 1.

Create a .gitignore that excludes the _site/ folder. Then have your shell script check whether you are on master, if so, add all changed files and commit them. Then move the _site/ folder to a temporary folder. Switch to the gh-pages branch and copy the temporary folder over. Add all and commit. Push both master & gh-pages branch.

Solution 2. Copy the contents of the _site/ folder to another repo that is an exact clone of the repo you are working with but checked out on the gh-pages branch. Then simply push the master branch from the source repo and the gh-pages branch from the other repo

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