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How is it possible, to replace ŐŰőű characters to ÖÜöü in javascript?

This function only replaces the first Ő character:

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Use regular expressions

str = str


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Use regexp and global:

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You can either use regex (as provider by Claudio Redi) or use global flag 'g':

str.replace("Ő", "ö", "g")
str.replace("Ű", "Ü", "g")
str.replace("ő", "ö", "g")
str.replace("ű", "ü", "g")

see reference

I personally prefer regex. Takes some time to learn them, but it is worth it.

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I agree, regex is definitely worth taking the time to learn :-) –  Mike C Jul 24 '13 at 14:07
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