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I want to try the new version 3.0 of phonegap. Node.js is installed and I tried

npm install -g phonegap

Everything seems to be fine after this step. I use the development version of netbeans because of the phone gap support. When creating a HTML5->PhoneGap project netbeans needs the location of the phonegap sdk but it doesn't accept any path I try.

What's the correct path/location of the sdk?


I'm using Windows 7.

thx 4 help

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same problem with linux :) – Enrique San Martín Jul 25 '13 at 19:15
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right now support in NetBeans is for PhoneGap 2.X. The new 3.0 was released very recently and there is a issue for supporting it

Update: If you want, you can download nightly build with support for the new Cordova 3.0 from here

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Installing PhoneGap using Node does not seem to work as Netbeans wants the PhoneGap SDK directory. As a work around, You can download 2.9.X version from and specify the extracted folder as the SDK location.

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