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So im sending a message to WebSphere and its successfully putting it on a queue. However I have having an issue getting it off another queue. But what I have noticed it when im sending me message using the line :

inputMessage.writeUTF(message); with the message being:


which is store in an xml file, it is appending a "n" to the front of the message. Can anyone tell me why? the code is below:

  MQQueueConnectionFactory cf = new MQQueueConnectionFactory();

    // Config

    //MQQueueConnection connection = (MQQueueConnection) cf.createQueueConnection();
    //MQQueueSession session = (MQQueueSession) connection.createQueueSession(false, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);
    //MQQueue queue = (MQQueue) session.createQueue(inputQueue);
    //MQQueue queue = (MQQueue)session.
    //MQQueueSender sender =  (MQQueueSender) session.createSender(queue);
    //MQQueueReceiver receiver = (MQQueueReceiver) session.createReceiver(queue);    

    MQQueueManager qMgr = new MQQueueManager(queueManager);
    System.out.println("Queue manager created");

    int openOptions = MQC.MQOO_INPUT_AS_Q_DEF |  
    System.out.println("MQ Options created");

    MQQueue mqInputQueue =  

    System.out.println("Queue created");

    MQMessage inputMessage = new MQMessage();
    System.out.println("message created and sent");

    MQPutMessageOptions pmo = new MQPutMessageOptions();  // accept the defaults,  
    // same as  
    // constant  
    System.out.println("Queue options created");

    // put the message on the queue  
    System.out.println("Message put on queue");
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How are you reading the message from the Queue? Also have you tried using writeString instead of writeUTF? Worse case you can use the writeBytes(String) method. But I suspect it has to do with an encoding issue. –  Andrew Finnell Jul 24 '13 at 16:36

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It appears that MQMessage derives from DataInput and DataOutput. I am guessing that writeUTF is doing the same thing as in DataOutputStream.

You can reference this Answer for help Why does DataOutputStream.writeUTF() add additional 2 bytes at the beginning?

You have a few options:


or probably


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