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In Visio 2013, I have a connector that is in a container that has a gray background color. I successfully changed the background color of the text block by following these steps:

  • Double-click the connector
  • Expand the font options by clicking on the icon in the lower-right portion of the 'Home > Font' ribbon area
  • Click on 'Text Block' tab in the 'Text' dialog
  • Select 'Solid color' and choose the background color that matches the gray container background color

That works as expected - my text background color is no longer the default white; it now matches the background color of the container.

However, I want to add spacing to the left and right of the text. I tried increasing the margins in the same 'Text Block' tab of the 'Text' dialog mentioned above. This increased the margins but did not extend the background color of the text. A also tried manually adding spaces to the left and right of the text. The leading spaces worked, but the trailing spaces where truncated. Is there any way to add left and right padding to the text (similar to css padding)?

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Modifying the text block location/size may give you what you want, combined with text margins.

To modify the text block location, you have to click the text block tool, which is on a dropdown with the text tool (at least in Visio 2003).

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In Visio 2013, I found the Text Block tool under Home > Tools. It has options to move, resize, or rotate the text within the shape. However, even when I resize the text by dragging one of the side lines to the left or right, the background color of the text remains directly behind the text, but not the text area itself. I also tried extending the margins again, in addition to changing the text area with the Text Block tool. It did not work. –  Johnny Jul 29 '13 at 18:22

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