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I have been working with the Three.js module and the ColladaLoader.js functionality for a few weeks now and am getting pretty confident with what is going on.

Up until today I have been loading in models of various complexity in to my code with no problems.

I put up an example of my code here.


The model is quite small and in the middle of the grid so need to zoom in to see it.

This is the error from the web console :

Error: WebGL: DrawElements: bound vertex attribute buffers do not have sufficient size for given indices from the bound element array @ http://ec2-54-213-35-209.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com/three.min.js:455

So the elements list is messed up somehow when the collada model is brought in. It ends up missing a part.

If I set the material of the entire object manually with something like,

setMaterial(result.scene, new THREE.MeshBasicMaterial({color: 0xff0000}));

Then object in the scene is fine and I get no errors so I am pretty sure this is texture related.

I am pretty sure my code works since I have been loading other models fine. I think this will however be the first model that had multiple textures.

Texture Atlas and a single texture is a better solution anyway when it comes to glelement calls, right?

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it's may be to late for the answer , but it was actually a problem from the colladaLoader .

2 days ago , an update has been released for threejs (dev branch v65)

now the loader is able to handle complex model with multi-textures on each material.

Hope it helps you

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