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Afternoon, I am loading pages within a site using pjax with fragment to change the content div.

 $(document).pjax('.pjax_link', '#category_change',{ fragment: '#category_change' });
 $(document).on('pjax:send', function() {
 $(document).on('pjax:complete', function() {
 $(document).on('pjax:timeout', function(event) {
    // Prevent default timeout redirection behavior
 $(document).on('pjax:error', function(event) {
    // Prevent default error redirection behavior

so they are fired by a link with a class .pjax_link.

The site works by eye exactly as i wanted to..

However after submitting it to google google is only picking the site up as 1 page and refusing to go to the rest. Each page on the site does have meta-keywords and descriptions, which are not changing so i believe google are seeing it as the same page and ignoring..

Any ideas on how to make google follow the page after it pjax the content?

Thanks in advance.

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I don't think Google's spiders can follow JavaScript methods. You would have to create some links for the spiders to following in <noscript>. –  user1477388 Jul 24 '13 at 14:32
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