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I have something like this:

public class Foo
    public Bar[] Bars{get; set;}

public class Bar
    public string Name{ get; set; }

I start reflecting:

PropertyInfo propertyInfo = typeof(Foo).GetProperty("Bars");

so far so good. I want to reflect deeper:

Type type = _propertyInfo .PropertyType; // this gives me that the type is Bar[]

The type is Bar[], but it is not possible to reflect on type to look for property Name. Is there a way to figure out the trype without the array? Or another way to find the single type of Bar?

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if (type.HasElementType)

I wrote the HasElementType because I'm guessing you are also going to need to figure out if your element is an array.

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accepted this one cause HasElementType is indeed good to know as well –  Natrium Nov 23 '09 at 15:22
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