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Here's the situation I'm facing right now. I have an action in my MVC controller that looks as follows:

public JsonResult MyAction(int id, IEnumerable<string> strings, bool trueFalse, string anotherString, bool anotherTrueFalse) {}

I access this through a jQuery $.ajax call as follows:

type: 'POST',
dataType: 'json',
contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
data: {"id":12345,"strings":["onestring"],"trueFalse":false,"anotherString":"Woo String","anotherTrueFalse":false},
//Success/Error handlers here

Now, the issue I'm seeing is this: Regardless of the data being sent, id, trueFalse, anotherString and anotherTrueFalse are all being bound correctly when I debug my controller action and inspect the parameters being bound to my action.

The issue is with strings: if I send a JSON array with a single string (as above), it never gets bound to the IEnumerable<string> in my action. If I send something like this instead:

"strings":["onestring", "twostring"]

Then it gets bound properly as an IEnumerable with two entries.

What's going on here, what am I missing?

Note: I've just been trying to get the mapping to work first so it's still a bit messy. I'll be cleaning this up by putting all five of these properties into a view model so I have just one object being bound here - this may resolve the issue altogether. But still, it's curious to me that this doesn't work when the JSON array only has one entry.

Addendum 1: In my AJAX above, that's essentially what's being sent in the request to the server, but I'm actually building that object and then passing it to JSON.stringify -- just attempting to make the problem statement as simple as possible. What you see is what the browser sends to the controller action.

Addendum 2: Placing all of these properties into their own view model has cleaned things up a bit, but the binding issues still remain. Also, switching from IEnumerable<string> to string[] also exhibits the same issues, so there is something I am fundamentally missing about how MVC performs model binding for us.

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Was my answer able to help you? – Charlie Brown Jul 24 '13 at 16:21
It did, thank you. I'll give you an upvote, and mark yours as the answer now unless there's some other less involved solution to this. – Mattygabe Jul 24 '13 at 17:39
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The issue is when you receive a json array with one element, it will get cast as just plain string. Multiple elements get cast correctly to the IEnumerable. In JSON, a single element is treated as a dictionary and not an array. I would suggest using JSON.NET to handle the parsing for you as the default model binder will cause trouble with this one.

More information can be found here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/10122308/118224

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