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I am trying to reload my grid periodically. I came across the solution:

var grid = $("#list"),
    intervalId = setInterval(
    function() {
    300000); // 300 sec === 5 min

but i'm not sure where to put this piece of code. does it go inside loadComplete ? I am already using

jQuery("#list").trigger("reloadGrid", [{current:true}]);

like this


    jQuery("#list").trigger("reloadGrid", [{current:true}]);


i dont understand where to access the


please help,. thanks

Oleg, this is what i tried as per your answer:

    // above this line is the grid code including nav grid

        jQuery("#list").setGridParam({datatype: 'json'});
      //  jQuery("#list").trigger("reloadGrid");
      setInterval(function() {
            $('#list').trigger("reloadGrid", [{current:true}]);
        alert("hello");}, 2000);
    });   //This is the end of the document.ready function

am I placing the setinterval function correctly ? is it supposed to be inside the grid or outside ? is it supposed to be inside the document.ready or outside ? surprisingly, the alert pops up as you would expect ! but the grid does not reload. i know because i am making changes to the database and they are not reflected in the grid. when i click the refresh button then it displays current data as expected. I want it to reload periodically and always have the most recent data from the database.

by the way these are the gridoptions i am using

    pager: "#pager",        //Identifying the navigation bar
  rowNum: 500,          // how many rows to display on page 1
  rowList: [500,1000, 2000, 3000,4000], //values for the dropdown which specifies how many rows to show 
  sortorder: "desc", //the order of sorting by default
  viewrecords: true, // displays total number of rows
  gridview: true,   // the full grid body will be placed on the page as one operation
  autoencode: true,
  height:400, //height of the grid
  ignoreCase:true,// case insensitive search
  multiselect:true, // checkboxes before each row
  multiboxonly: true,
  loadonce:true, //for client side sorting, searching and pagination
  caption:"This is me", // caption for the grid header

please help

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I think it's just small misunderstanding. If you want reload the grid every 5 min you should execute the code


every 5 min. The standard JavaScipt function setInterval help to do this. If you execute

setInterval(function() {
}, 300000); // 300 sec === 5 min

then the callback function with grid.trigger("reloadGrid",[{current:true}]); will be already executed every 5 min. So the grid will be reloaded like you want.

Saving the result of setInterval in a variable like in your original code

var grid = $("#list"),
    intervalId = setInterval(function() {
    }, 300000); // 300 sec === 5 min

is helpful if you need to stop automatic reloading of the grid. For example if the user start editing of one row you can stop reloading by


after the user submit the changes of discard it you can execute the same setInterval one more time to start automatic reloading. So the variable intervalId is required only if you want to stop the periodical execution of the callback function used in setInterval.

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thanks oleg ! but i am still not getting the desired result. i placed the code as you said. kindly look at the edit –  user2334092 Jul 25 '13 at 13:44
@user2334092: I see in your code that you call setInterval inside of jQuery("#refresh_list"). What if the user clicks more as once on the button? You should call setInterval either outside of jQuery("#refresh_list").click then refreshing will be permanently every 2 sec or you have to save the value returned by setInterval in variable and cancel previous set permanent reloading by calling clearInterval. –  Oleg Jul 25 '13 at 15:51
thanks. i tried calling it outside the refresh list but still the grid does not reload. i still get the alerts popping up. one strange thing i noticed is that when i include the setInterval function, my VERTICAL SCROLLBAR does not hold still ! I was trying to look at some data by scrolling down but as soon as i scrolled down, the scrollbar would shoot right back to the top ! I guess in some way the grid is being reloaded. that would explain why the scrollbar keeps going to the top. but the data is not being updated –  user2334092 Jul 25 '13 at 18:37
do you think there is something wrong with my grid parameters ? i am using JSON data. I have to use refresh list as I want to implement client side sorting, searching and pagination. thats why I have to convert it to local when the data comes in but to query the URL's i have to convert them to JSON so that i can pass the proper parameters. do you think this might have something to do with the reload ? the refresh button works perfectly fine by the way. –  user2334092 Jul 25 '13 at 18:40
@user2334092: Sorry, but I have to do some things before I fly in the vocation with my family. I'm afraid that I will be not accessible till the middle of august. Best wishes! –  Oleg Jul 25 '13 at 18:52
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I figured it out this way :

  window.setTimeout( refreshGrid, 8000);
 function refreshGrid()
    window.setTimeout(refreshGrid, 8000);

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