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Ive noticed an issue when closing a modal while the keyboard is up. There is a weird animation where the modal pops to the lower left as the keyboard goes away during the closing animation.

Ive tried to hide the keyboard before closing the modal but that doesn't seem to help.

Ive also looked in to making sure the keyboard is fully gone first, then activating the close animation, but I can't figure out any sort of way to do that with blocks etc. and adding the close modal to the keyboardWillHide notification methods will break a million things elsewhere since it is already implemented for other reasons.

Has anyone seen this kind of issue before?

code to dismiss modal

    [formNavigationController dismissViewControllerAnimated:YES completion:^{
    formNavigationController = nil;
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I have a view controller that is dismissed modally with the keyboard up. Can you post some code so that I can see how you're doing it? Also, try not resigningFirstResponder on the first responder when dismissing. – Mark Jul 24 '13 at 15:34
I added the code i use to dismiss – JMD Jul 24 '13 at 15:39
resigning the first responder was the problem – JMD Jul 24 '13 at 15:40
I added it as an answer so you can accept it. – Mark Jul 24 '13 at 15:41
im calling it from a parent – JMD Jul 24 '13 at 15:42
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Try not resigning the first responder when you dismiss.

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