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I have a list being returned from a database that can potentially be a different size each time. The list is loaded onto a html page <div id="availableTimes"></div> using

$.each(returnData.availableTimes, function (index, value) {                        
     $("#availableTimes").append('<input type=radio name=availableTimes value= ' 
        + + '>' + '<label id=' + + '>' + value.time + '</label>');

What I would like to be able to do is limit the amount of radio buttons and labels displayed per line to 4. Is there a value I can set in CSS or do I have to insert a <br /> every 4 records in the JavaScript?

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Without floats, you can add line break on the label

#availableTimes label:nth-child():after {
    white-space: pre;


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thanks! this worked great – Mike Jul 24 '13 at 16:15

You could use nth-child selectors to clear every 5th element (that has been floated). Really, you can break the line however you want, just use the nth-child selector to do so...

Like so:

#availableTimes input {

#availableTimes input:nth-child(4n + 1) {

EDIT: use (4n + 1) rather than (5n)

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The short answer is that you're going to need to put a <br> tag every four records. AFAIK, there's no way to create a line-break using just CSS. This SO question has a few more solutions, if you want to look into those

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