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I have 20 or so grids in my application suite. I'd like to create a global copy/paste context menu which I can bind to every single grid rather than code in each form.

I am unsure what is the best way to achieve this, I have started to create a class with my menu in it, but get stuck at the point of adding the actual menu options. For example I know I'll need to call a "copy" event, but I also know I'll need to tell it what I am copying, and I cannot see how that is done in vb.net when you can only add the address of a method minus parameters.


.MenuItems.Add("Copy Cell", New System.EventHandler(AddressOf CopyCell))

Obviously I want "CopyCell" to only be coded in one place as well, rather than repeated in each form. I will always be copying the same object (SelectedCellCollection).

I am not sure how to make the menu have an event with parameters, or how to make it "know" that I want to always copy the selected items. I'm aware that I'd have to do some coding in the form but just trying to work out the way to minimize it.

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I have created my own context menu class (via inheritance) with specific copy and paste functionality / options tailored to the grid I am using. It works fine and only needs one line of code per form/grid to activate.

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