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I'm using qtranslate and it works fine except this bug.

I switch to any language different of the default one.

If I click in any post of root category the address given is ok with /?lang=eng but if I click on a post of lower level, it changes to default language.

Ex * here A_post is a post * here A-post is a category but b_post has no reference to language

In this case I assing the name of "a_post" as a post and for the deeper level as category

I have been googling for hours with no solution at all,

Basically when I get deeper into the site, qtranslate doesn't respect the chosen language and changes to default. It's required switch in every page visited to be able to read the site in a different language than the default one.

Any suggestion and help is welcome

Thanks by advance

WP 3.5.2 Qtrasnlate 3.5.35 Theme: U-Design 1.8.0

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Have you tried to use qTranslate Slug plugin which improves some deficiencies of qTranslate plugin.

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