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In my rails app I am using balanced payments api for credit card transactions. According to the documentation after I collect the info I must run these curl commands. However, I cant figure out what's what. So I can't really use it because I don't know what variables to replace and how to even get them. This is a snippet of their documentation.

Let's charge the card:

First, let's create an account to associate the card token with:

curl https://api.balancedpayments.com/v1/marketplaces/TEST-MP6NFmfjuy4Os0LSSywJbmk0/accounts \
     -u df6000d8f2ec11e294cf026ba7cd33d0: \
     -d "card_uri=/v1/marketplaces/TEST-MP6NFmfjuy4Os0LSSywJbmk0/cards/CCwpuGSqIjnOxUoUrSE4IdV"

Associate the token with an account:

curl https://api.balancedpayments.com/v1/marketplaces/TEST-MP6NFmfjuy4Os0LSSywJbmk0/accounts/AC6VSiS3WD7G1z1BjrMIL4Kk \
     -u df6000d8f2ec11e294cf026ba7cd33d0: \
     -X PUT \
     -d "card_uri=/v1/marketplaces/TEST-MP6NFmfjuy4Os0LSSywJbmk0/cards/CC6XpIuz7jymGcPIkCREtx2K"

Debit the account:

curl https://api.balancedpayments.com/v1/marketplaces/TEST-MP6NFmfjuy4Os0LSSywJbmk0/accounts/ACwPcWVArKDYEdOJ8bRHg9w/debits \
     -u df6000d8f2ec11e294cf026ba7cd33d0: \
     -d "amount=1000"

So I can understand that /v1/marketplaces/TEST-MP6NFmfjuy4Os0LSSywJbmk0 is my test marketplace URI but what are these other values?




Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Have you considered using the balanced ruby client?



Also, I believe they have an example marketplace Rails app: https://github.com/balanced/rentmybikes-rails

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Great answer! Let me check those out. –  Alain Goldman Jul 24 '13 at 18:28

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