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As I can see, there are a lot of C++ apis to support HTTP (cpp-netlib, boost, etc) but I would like to use libcurl. All I want to do is to support HTTP (cookies included). How can I statically link the essential libraries needed? I'm on Windows 7 x86, I've read this without success: the HTTP_ONLY define is the right way to achieve my goal? And how to statically link the library? Thank you!

IDE and compiler: MVC++

EDIT 1: I've got problems from the beginning (building): I need to compile libcurl to reduce the size and then link it in statically. I didn't understood the "install" documentation in the help page of libcurl, particularly the part about HTTP_ONLY define and the compilation flags. Thank you.

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@MatsPetersson Best answer regards the link I've just posted. I've got building problems! – Angelo Jul 24 '13 at 16:43
If you have specific problems with building, then you'd better post WHAT those problems are (in your question, not as a comment, ideally). – Mats Petersson Jul 24 '13 at 16:46

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