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I've found a few resources on the subject, but they all require a deep understanding of SmallTalk or Haskell, neither of which I know.

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Here are some parser combinator libraries in more mainstream languages:

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I wrote 8 longish blog entries on monadic parser combinators in C# and F#; see here for the first one.

See also FParsec (Parsec for F#)

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If you know Python, there's PyParsing.

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There are some great articles on the web describing parser combinators in C#, but no maintainable source repository, so I've created one at:

Someone knowledgeable about parser combinators could probably do a lot to improve it (please step forward if this sounds like you :))

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For me this paper was extremly useful. It is almost languange neutral. Just in some small places they are reffering to Gofer.

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you probably mean GOFER – flow Feb 16 '14 at 20:52

I found an interesting article about implementing a parser combinator in C#. It also references some more general papers on the subject.

The Wikipedia article on the subject also has a general explaination of the concept.

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Chrise Double wrote a parser combinator in Javascript.

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Cay Horstmann has 4 combinator parser lectures in Scala, with exercises. There is an example of parsing external DSLs in Scala here.

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I'm getting 404 on the first link. Please, renew if this is possible. (Yep, i knew that this was 3 years ago). – om-nom-nom Oct 18 '11 at 13:56

Here is a link to a talk (slides and script) on monadic parser combinators in C++.

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Link is apparently deleted. – cardiff space man Mar 23 '13 at 21:43

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