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I am generating an RSS feed in a Sinatra app, using Ruby's RSS class. The feed will be unique for each user. How do I hook up the feed to a URL so that the user can subscribe with their RSS reader, and automatically receive new feed updates?

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Shamelessly stolen from http://recipes.sinatrarb.com/p/views/rss_feed_with_builder

Install or add the Builder gem:

# add to Gemfile and run `bundle`...
gem 'builder'

# ... or install system-wide
$ gem install builder  

Add appropriate route(s) to your app/controller:

# in app.rb
get '/rss' do
  @posts = # ... find posts
  builder :rss

Create view to show RSS feeds:

# in views/rss.builder
xml.instruct! :xml, :version => '1.0'
xml.rss :version => "2.0" do
  xml.channel do
    xml.title "Cool Website News"
    xml.description "The latest news from the coolest website on the net!"
    xml.link "http://my-cool-website-dot.com"

    @posts.each do |post|
      xml.item do
        xml.title post.title
        xml.link "http://my-cool-website-dot.com/posts/#{post.id}"
        xml.description post.body
        xml.pubDate Time.parse(post.created_at.to_s).rfc822()
        xml.guid "http://my-cool-website-dot.com/posts/#{post.id}"

Further reading:

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