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I've come across a search situation that I am unsure how to approach. I am searching through a set of a column which is a string for example

Row 1: Column Content: 7;15;25
Row 2: Column Content: 5
Row 3: Column Content: 5;7

but I would like the row that has only 5

example: Select * from table where column like '%5%'

The problem with this case is that, the query will bring back all rows when I only needed Row 2 and Row 3

Is there anything that I could do with the query that will allow me to bring back the desired results.

I would truly appreciate the assistance. If there is any confusion with the question, I'll be happy clarify.

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Maybe normalise? – Strawberry Jul 24 '13 at 17:41
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How about:

CONTENT LIKE '5;%'      -- Starts with 5
OR CONTENT LIKE '%;5;%' -- 5 in the middle somewhere
OR CONTENT LIKE '%;5'   -- Ends with 5
OR CONTENT = '5';       -- 5 is the only item in the list

You could also simplify it as:

SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE concat(';',CONTENT,';') LIKE '%;5;%';

Both of these solutions will probably result in fairly poor performance, especially if your table is huge. To solve that, I'd recommend normalizing this data and storing each selection as a row in another table.

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The first one worked best with the table i am using. I agree with you about the normalizing part. lol. Thank you so much. :) – Kai McKenzie Jul 24 '13 at 17:52

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