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Well, I tried many things and I'm almost convinced that there is no way to solve my problem. Here I go... I'm writing a simple software with tkinter and in one part of this software I use matplotlib and basemaps to provide some maps to the user. The problem is that in those maps are loaded a relative big amount of data and in some computers it can be a problem if the user open many maps. One part of mu code (the critical) is:

def plota_bacia():  
    global status_shape,pontos,arq
    print status_shape 
    if status_shape == True:
    fig = pyl.figure(figsize=(12,8))
        fig.canvas.set_window_title('Bacia fornecida pelo arquivo: '+arq)
        m = Basemap(projection='merc',llcrnrlat=-32.5,urcrnrlat=5.0,llcrnrlon=-65.0,urcrnrlon=-33.0,lat_ts=20,resolution='c')
        parallels = arange(-50.,20,0.5)
        meridians = arange(-90.,0.,0.5)
        ptos = []
        for x,y in zip(pontos[0],pontos[1]): 
        p = Polygon(ptos,facecolor='red',edgecolor='green',linewidth=1) 

        xmin,ymin = m(min(pontos[0])-0.5,min(pontos[1])-0.5)
        xmax,ymax = m(max(pontos[0])+0.5,max(pontos[1])+0.5)
    else:tkMessageBox.showinfo( "Gráfico da bacia","Entre com uma bacia",parent=top)

Doing some tests I understood that the problem is way how python manages the memory, for example:

from pylab import *
f = range(1,10000000,1)
del f ; gc.collect()

If I put the line "del f ; gc.collect()" after the second one ("f = range(1,10000000,1)") I have some space released related to delete the variable "f", but once I plot "f", I supose a matplotlib object is conected to the part of the memory related to "f" and for this reason I can't release that part of the memory. Is that correct? I tried cla(), clf(), close() and this not help me. Sorry if I did some stupid, I program many things in python, but I'm a environmental engineer, not a programmer. Thanks a lot!

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don't use the pyplot interface if you are embedding. There are lots of messy internal references to the artists. In your two example, all the data in f must be copied into the data structures of the figure. –  tcaswell Jul 24 '13 at 18:06
How are you monitoring memory usage? –  esmit Jul 25 '13 at 18:28
esmit, I was monitoring with a simple monitoring tool in Ubuntu. tcaswell, thanks! –  awulll Apr 14 at 13:16

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After pyl.show() add pyl.close(fig.number); del fig.

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fyi, pyl.close(fig) is sufficient –  Paul H Jul 25 '13 at 21:26
+1 Thanks @PaulH. I thought close only accepted numbers. –  esmit Jul 26 '13 at 16:03
Thanks, it helped! –  awulll Apr 14 at 13:16

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