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I am trying to use VBS shell.run to run nircmd program with a script argument. For example, this works:

objShell.Run """D:\App Run\NirCmd\nircmd.exe""script D:\testfolder\test.txt"

However if there are any spaces in the argument path it does not work and I have tried double quotes on the argument path with no luck. This does not work: (space in argument)

objShell.Run """D:\App Run\NirCmd\nircmd.exe""script D:\test folder\test.txt" 

I need the ability to have spaces in the argument path. thanks for any help

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objShell.Run """D:\App Run\NirCmd\nircmd.exe"" script ""D:\test folder\test.txt"""
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Thanks for the quick answer! It works! –  user2601430 Jul 24 '13 at 19:22

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