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I need to convert from boost::multiprecision::int128_t to double.

For smaller ints, I use:

template<typename flt_t>
  flt_t as_flt() const { return std::ldexp (static_cast<flt_t>(val), -frac_bits); }

with val=int128_t, flt_t = double

But static_cast<double>(int128_t)

seems to fail

error: invalid static_cast from type ....

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Try the convert_to method.

boost::multiprecision::int128_t some128Int = 141324;
double someDoubleNumber = some128Int.convert_to<double>();
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According to John Maddock (answered on boost users list)

The C++03 way is:

cpp_int i = 1;

    i <<= 128;     double d = i.convert_to();

In C++11 you can just use a static_cast (explicit convertion operator).

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