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i have getjson for page1 but i want to do same thing for page2 then process the sitecontent variable further. how i can make two getjson request one for page1 and one for page2?(i want to merge the two response in to one single variable.


          $.getJSON('http://anyorigin.com/get?url=http://www.site.com/page1.php/&callback=?', function(data){

             var siteContents = data.contents; 

    //process sitecontent further


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You must make first request, then in callback make second request. Something like this:

var res;
$.getJSON(url1, function(data) {
    res = data.contents;
    $.getJSON(url2, function(data) {
        $.extend(res, data.contents);
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thanks for reply. so the res hold the merged response ? –  user1788736 Jul 24 '13 at 19:45
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