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I'm trying to create a gitsubtree of an existing repository, for example:

-> projectA/projectB

Project A is the parent, i want to add project B as a git subtree.

git subtree -P projectB ssh:// master

But it fails, and shows the following message:

prefix 'projectB' already exists.

I don't want to download all the repository again, I just want to add this directory to my gitsubtree.

This directory project B isn't tracked by Project A git.

thanks in advance

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Do the projectB folder already exists? If so does it contain anything? Git subtree will refuse to create the subtree if the directory where it would be placed contains anything at all. – LopSae Jul 25 '13 at 20:38
Seems impossible currently(git v2.0) if projectB folder already exists, and removing the exist projectB directory with rm -rf projectB then do git subtree add projectB_directory master to download again is the only choice. – Allen Jan 23 '15 at 10:40

You can add projectB as a subtree of projectA using vanilla git (you don't need git subtree).

cd projectA
git remote add projectB_remote
git fetch projectB_remote
git checkout -b projectB_branch projectB_remote/master
git checkout master
git read-tree --prefix=projectB/ -u projectB


  1. Enter the local projectA repo.
  2. Add a new remote called projectB_remote with projectB's url.
  3. Fetch projectB_remote without merging.
  4. Create and checkout a projectB_branch; bring in the projectB_remote/master files.
  5. Return to projectA/master.
  6. Create a subtree in projectA/master that contains a checkout of the projectB_branch.

Resultant Directory Structure



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When adding a subtree, it seems that the prefix (subdirectory in which you will add the subtree) cannot already exist.

I worked around this problem by checking-out to a commit before this subdirectory existed, doing the git subtree add, and then merging with the branch that contained my old subdirectory contents.

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