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Giver a resource class that has a method witch returns a Viewable (or generaly any jsp page). Is there a way to use the c:import or jsp:include taglib to include a Viewable response from a jaxrs anotatted class? For example given the class

public class SomeJaxrsResource {
  public Viewable get() {
    return new Viewable("/the/path/to/the/jsp", this)

Is there a way to include it's computed html within a jsp with a

<c:import url="/some/path" />

or a

<jsp:include page="/some/path" />
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Since Jersey 1.3 this works, at least with URLs under management of Jersey. This was listed as fixed in the changelog

A quick test revealed that it also works with external URLs and URLS in the same servlet context but not under management of Jersey.

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After some searching, I can say that this is not yet possible!

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