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Looking for a way to generate "snapshots" of historical data when I have the final data, and the change to the data each week.

I have this data in table CurrentData:

CurrentDate   CurrentAmount
2013-07-24        400

And I also have this data in table ChangeData:

ChangeDate    ChangeAmount
2013-07-23        -2
2013-07-22        -4
2013-07-21        10
2013-07-20         1

And I want to be able to show what the data looked like over time. For example:

TotalDate     TotalAsOfThisDate
2013-07-24        400
2013-07-23        402
2013-07-22        406
2013-07-21        396
2013-07-20        395

Understanding I will have to build the total based off of the prior day's data each day, I have tried a plethora of different things, cursors, temp tables, etc. Wondering how I would go about building this type of view in SQL. I am running SQL Server 2008R2.

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This might not be the best performing query, but should work fine for small tables:

SELECT CurrentDate as TotalDate, CurrentAmount as TotalAsOfThisDate
FROM CurrentData
SELECT ChangeDate, (SELECT CurrentAmount from CurrentData)  
                  -(SELECT SUM(ChangeAmount) 
                    FROM ChangeData cd2 
                    WHERE cd2.ChangeDate >= cd1.ChangeDate)
FROM ChangeData cd1
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There's a trick you can pull with the OVER clause and a CTE....

  ;WITH Source AS (
        SELECT  CurrentDate , CurrentValue FROM CurrentData
        SELECT  ChangeDate , -ChangeAmount FROM ChangeData  )

SELECT CurrentDate,  SUM(CurrentValue)   
FROM Source
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