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Fade effects are kinda messed up and I do not how to make then work properly.

I want code to run in following sequence:

  1. Fade out block
  2. Insert new content
  3. Fade in block

My jQuery code for that page:

$('#navigation a').click(function(){ $.get("page.php", { page: $(this).attr('id') }, function(data){ $('#content').fadeOut('slow').html(data).fadeIn('slow'); }); });

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Your problem is here: $('#content').fadeOut('slow').html(data).fadeIn('slow'); }); This starts the fadeIn before the fadeOut is done. You want to do this:

$('#content').fadeOut('slow', function(){

The second argument to fadeOut is a function to be called after fadeOut is finished.

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You could move the fade out to before the ajax call:

$('#navigation a').click(function(){ $('#content').fadeOut('slow'); $.get("page.php", { page: $(this).attr('id') },
    function(data){ $('#content').html(data).fadeIn('slow'); }); });
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use nicholaides solution –  Josh Pearce Nov 23 '09 at 16:48

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