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I'm building a plugin to generate site-wide menus; the data for these menus comes from scanning the rendered DOM for * files; but I only use the menu in one place (root of the site).

Plugin currently generates each page's part of this menu in writeBefore, which works fine as I walk the collection, handle each document, and write a file into the partials directory.

But since the docs have all been rendered already by that time, the <%- @partial('foo.html')%> call in my doesn't work unless I run docpad generate twice.

I assumed that if I set renderPasses to a value > 1, then the partials would get picked up on the > 1 pass, but that doesn't happen.

Is there an event I can use that's after an initial render (so there's a DOM to parse) but before partials get rendered?


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You could use the renderDocument event (fired for each document, plus for each layout the document has) or the renderAfter event. But I think you may have the same problem.

What specifically is the reasoning of having your menu require the rendered content of other files? As you could use the text plugin to be able to render meta data attributes just the same, and have those meta data attributes accessible before render. E.g.

someMarkdown: "<t render="markdown">*hello*</t>"

then in your menu or whatever

<ul><% for page in @getCollection('html').toJSON(): %>
  <li><%- page.someMarkdown %></li>
<% end %></ul>

And that will work just as expected with the meta data property being rendered with markdown by the text plugin.

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