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The navigation model I am trying to achieve for my app is the user enters a text and searches and I want to navigate to a split view controller with summary results in the left (master view) of the split view and tapping on it reveal a more detailed info. for that in the right side (detail view) and any interaction/clicks there should navigate out to a hosted webView that can display the web source. How do I achieve this? I am getting error Split View cannot be pushed from a navigation controller.

FYI: I am newbie to ios/objective-C programming and not familiar if there is an easy way to achieve this.. any feedback/pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!!

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The problem is that the split view controller have to be the root of your app. You cannot push it in a UINavigationController. Whenever you want the split view to appear/disappear, you should change the rootViewController (in the AppDelegate).

However, in your case I suggest you keep the SplitViewController on the screen all the time, and do the search in the master controller. Use a UITableViewController in it. You can add a search bar to your table, and narrow the results as you type characters in the search bar. Hope this helps!

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thanks for the response!. Two follows 1) can u show an ex. of how to change the rootView controller in AppDelegate and 2) Is the navigation away from Split view allowed (i.e. when I click on something in the detailed view i want to navigate to a webview and in my example using the normal push segue event that seems to be failing. –  gforg Jul 24 '13 at 21:14
1) check out this thread:…. 2) you should not place the UISplitViewController inside a UINavigationController, therefore you can not push it. If you want to show another UIViewController from the split, you should present it modally. –  Levi Jul 25 '13 at 5:56

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