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I am trying to use the method posted by Anthony

            Field('customer_name', 'string', length=80, required=True, unique=True))

            Field('customer_id', 'reference ts_customer', required=True, notnull=True),
            Field('mileage_rate_year', 'integer', required=True, notnull=True,
                      db(db.ts_mileage_rate.customer_id == request.vars.customer_id),

I get the following error:

type 'exceptions.AttributeError'> 'DAL' object has no attribute 'ts_mileage_rate'

Any idea why?

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You have db.ts_mileage_rate.customer_id within the definition of the ts_mileage_rate table, so the table doesn't yet exist. Instead, define the requires attribute after the table definition:

db.ts_mileage_rate.mileage_rate_year.requires = IS_NOT_IN_DB(
    db(db.ts_mileage_rate.customer_id == request.vars.customer_id),
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