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I need to find a solution in which i can still build a war file which has a binary data generated from another program which lives in another repo.

So a little background, Currently our git repo is structured such that when you use maven it will package whatever is in the folder, including the binary so it can be used during runtime. But our git repo size has exploded and I know how to clean it, But if i manage this file out of git , maybe git-annex in another repo. How can i configure maven to get the latest file from this repo and package it.

Maven does has git-scm but I dont know how to get files from git-annex.

Basically what do people do (i.e. best practice for a binary which is needed in runtime and its not generated by maven or java code and its not a jar or war.)

Would be great to know how it all can be implemented/suggestions.

I have considered using nfs,hdfs,git-annex and nexus. But each has it pros and cons. Cannot find a completely transparent solution to developers and deployments.

I am open to any recommendations.

UPDATE: These large files change daily, hence git size explosion.

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