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In my programming life in C#, whenever I create some variable (or object) in C# when I write .(dot) Intellisense for this variable (object) show me standard 4 methods.

For example I create empty class SomeClass

public class SomeClass


When I create object of this class, and call some methods, even if this class is empty intellisense show me this 4 methods.

static void Main(string[] args)
    SomeClass sc = new SomeClass();
    sc.|Equals         |
       |GetHashCode    |
       |GetType        |
       |ToString       |

Can anyone explain me why?


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All classes inherit from System.Object - which contains those methods.

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Every class implicitly inherit from the Object class, from the System.Object namespace. Basically, it's the root of the type hierarchy.

Also, besides those 4 methods you pointed out, every object also inherit the Finalize method from Object.

Since your class inherits from Object, that statement would be valid :

object sc = new SomeClass();
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