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How to create iterator/s for 2d vector (a vector of vectors)?

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May-be describe the context of the question a bit better? – UncleBens Nov 23 '09 at 17:12
More specifically: what is the declaration of your 2d vector? What order do you want to iterate? How do you want to use the iterator? – Mark Ransom Nov 23 '09 at 17:17
What's "2d vector"??? – AnT Nov 23 '09 at 17:40
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Although your question is not very clear, I'm going to assume you mean a 2D vector to mean a vector of vectors:

vector< vector<int> > vvi;

Then you need to use two iterators to traverse it, the first the iterator of the "rows", the second the iterators of the "columns" in that "row":

//assuming you have a "2D" vector vvi (vector of vector of int's)
vector< vector<int> >::iterator row;
vector<int>::iterator col;
for (row = vvi.begin(); row != vvi.end(); row++) {
    for (col = row->begin(); col != row->end(); col++) {
        // do stuff ...
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Sorry that my question wasn't so clear but this is exactly what I wanted. Although I'm getting compiler error with this code: cannot convert from 'std::_Vector_iterator<_Ty,_Alloc>' to 'int' on for (row = vvi.begin(); row != vvi.end(); row++) { – miroslavec Nov 23 '09 at 18:23
always use pre increment operators. With vectors it's likely that it wont matter when using a vector but it's a bad habit to get into. Life would be much clearer if it had been ++C instead of C++. – deft_code Nov 23 '09 at 23:48
If there are only 2 elements in the columns. How to access them once we iterate through row. – Anoop Toffy May 5 at 4:49
@Anoop Sorry, I don't understand your question? Do you mean you need to access *col[0] and *col[1]? – Austin Hyde May 5 at 15:21
Yes, sub scripting That what I was also looking for.. – Anoop Toffy May 13 at 17:26

Assuming you mean an STL iterator, and a custom container that implements a generic 2D array of objects, this is impossible. STL iterators support only increment and decrement (i.e. "next" an "previous") operations, where motion through a 2D set requires four such primitives (e.g. left/right/up/down, etc...). The metaphors don't match.

What are you trying to do?

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Assuming you mean a vector of vectors, and you have std::vector in mind, there's no built in way to do it, as iterators only support increment and decrement operations to move forward and backwards.

A 2D vector is a matrix, and so you'd need two iterator types: a row iterator and a column iterator. Row iterators would move "up" and "down" the matrix, whereas column iterators would move "left" and "right".

You have to implement these iterator classes yourself, which is not necessarily a trivial thing to do. Unless, of course, you simply want to iterate over each slot in the matrix, in which case a double for loop using index variables i and j will work just fine. Depending on your needs (your post is a bit lacking in content here), you may want to use boost::numeric::ublas::matrix, which is a matrix class from the Boost linear algebra library. This matrix class has built-in row and column iterators, which make it generally easy to iterate over a matrix.

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Exactly what I meant, 2D vector matrix with (now I know that two) iterators. I thought questions was clear :( ... anyway I'm quite new to vectors and I have to use them in this work. Now another problem is that error I posted in above comment (formating is shit). Can't assign value to first (row) iterator as because that type mismatch. – miroslavec Nov 23 '09 at 18:46

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